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Falcon Hex Pins HC Landscape Anchors | 100 Count Box | 8 and 12 inch Hex pin for compact soil

Falcon Hex Pins HC Landscape Anchors | 100 Count Box | 8 and 12 inch Hex pin for compact soil

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These 8 and 12 inch hex pins are designed for use in compact soils, to secure everything from sod,  erosion control blankets and landscape fabric to cable, tents, trampolines, and tarps. The unique design allows the pin to screw into the ground, making it stronger and more reliable than traditional landscape staples. Install quickly using a drill. Because they're made of galvanized steel, they are resistant to warping, rusting and bending, and provide a far more secure hold than a traditional staple. Use as an alternative to staples, nails, circle top anchors and stakes. Our spiral pins are available in other configurations for different soil types, and in both 8 and 12-inch lengths, ensuring you have what you need for your project. Choose American Made Hex Pins for your next project! 


  • Up to 10 Times Stronger than Landscape Staples: These drill in spiral anchors provide greater holding power than traditional staples. American-made, 8 gauge heavy duty galvanized steel construction.
  • Corkscrew Coil Design for compacted soils: Our patent-pending design allows for easy anchoring in difficult soils, with different designs for varying soil types—compact, rocky, and soft.
  • Pull-out Resistance Up To 170 Pounds (8 inch) and 200 Pounds (12 inch): With the unique spiral design, these pins grip into the earth to provide better holding power. Perfect for erosion control blankets, or to secure your trampoline.
  • Easy Installation Using Drill: Don't worry about hammering these in by hand. With our attachable chuck (sold separately) or standard 1 1/2 inch socket, you can install our spiral-top pins quickly!
  • High Quality, American-Made: Our products are manufactured and packaged in the USA,  and we take pride in our excellent customer service and high quality of work.
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